2019 List of Books

Rating System:
1/5 = I read it and wish I could get my time back, and would not recommend it.
3/5 = I read it, I’m indifferent about it, and would not recommend it.
5/5 = I read it, I really enjoyed it, would recommend it to others.

Completed List

The Inner Game of Tennis11-20193 – Take it or leave it. I thought the observation between “Self 1″(Consciousness/Ego/Mind) and “Self 2” (Unconscious/Body) among athletes was very insightful. I have seen and have experienced the mind frustrated with the body, and how that complicates performance.
Foundation (#1) by Isaac Asimov
(Foundation Series)
11-30-20193 – Still processing the info, and working on the next book in the series…I’ve recently committed myself to reading both the Asimov Foundation series and Robot series. I’ve purchased those books in advance on Amazon, they’re sitting in my bookcase.

I just finished reading Foundation, and I’m waiting to read the next two books in the series before I decide if I like the series. I was expecting that I’d be blown away by the concepts, story, and characters, but to echo a lot of what other reviewers have said… it’s taking a while to work through the story.

I’m nervous I won’t like the Foundation series. I came here to see if I was missing something by spot checking some reviews, and it seems like there’s two camps with this book / series (lovers and haters).

Currently reading…

  • The Dream Machine – I heard about this book when listening to the Tim Ferris Podcast with Stripe Co-Founder & CEO Patrick Collison. Ferris talks about how Collison is the most well-read person he knows… that it’s legendary. So when he mentioned this book, what intrigued me about it was that I had never heard of the main character (“Lick”). I really want to understand the climate, thoughts and people that led to the creation of the tech industry in the US as we know it. So far, really enjoying the writing and story. 10/7/19
  • Energy and Civilization: A History – Learned about this book while watching Inside Bill’s Brain on Netflix about a week ago. Like most Netflix documentaries, they’re visually beautiful. I thought overall the documentary was interesting, and mainly the level of reading that Bill Gates does is inspiring. I love that he takes about a week off to read alone on the edge of a lake in a small town. And also thought it was interesting that someone as smart as Gates drinks as much Diet Coke as he does (which I assumed would kill you). I’m going to try reading this book while drinking Diet Coke to see if my reading speed increasing dramatically. 10/7/19
  • Toyota Sienna (98-10) Haynes Repair Manual – I bought a used Toyota Sienna for $1,500 because I’m obsessed with mini-vans and want to tinker on a vehicle. Most mechanic classes had been phased out by the time I was in college, so I’m going to do little jobs on the van if and when I have downtime. Learning about bolt sizes, material quality and techniques for removing broken bolts. Random, but interesting. 10/7/19

I just started compiling my book lists and notes… so I’ll be adding more books to this list starting this month. Here’s a list of books for Realtors to read.