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Suzie Amis Cameron and Oprah discuss ‘One Meal a Day’ for eating plant-based meals

Suzie Amis Cameron and Oprah discuss eating One Meal a Day, her book about eating one plant-based meal, in order to live a healthier and happier life, and reduce the negative impact humans’ eating patterns have on Earth during Oprah’s #supersoul conversation.

Suzie is one of the founder’s of MUSE School in the Calabasas / Malibu Canyon area of Los Angeles, which already practices One Meal a Day at the school kitchen by serving the kids plant-based meals every lunch.

The plant-based meals at MUSE School was the first thing I heard about the school, from Sarah Jones at an open house in Calabasas. I reached out to the school to schedule a tour, and then learned that Suzie, her sister Rebecca (also a co-founder of MUSE), and Jeff King (the school director), also had introduced the Process Communication Model at the school, to help the parents, teachers, staff and kids to identify personality types (and mainly communication preferences).

After touring the beautiful MUSE campus (a converted summer camp that my father attended back in the 70s), meeting the amazing teachers and staff, and learning more about the plant-based meals and attempt to teach and learn communication preferences of people, I was sold and wanted my daughter to attend.

I was vegetarian for many years, and was vegan for a few years too, so the food we eat, and the food we feed our children is super important to me. Especially if you think about the fact that kids will adapt to whatever you teach them, especially in school. One plant-based meal a day, because that’s what their school does, is now 2nd nature to a growing population of kids in the Malibu Canyon / Calabasas thanks to Suzie and MUSE School.

According to her book One Meal a Day description on Amazon:

The research is clear that a plant-based diet is the healthiest diet on Earth. But what many people don’t realize is that nothing else we do comes close to the environmental impact of what we eat.

Now Suzy Amis Cameron explains how we can boost energy, feel better, live healthier, and heal the Earth, starting with just one meal a day. Developed at MUSE School, the school she founded with her sister Rebecca Amis, Suzy’s program makes it possible for anyone and everyone to reverse climate change while they embrace a healthier lifestyle. This one simple step will begin to help you lose weight and stay naturally thin, reverse chronic health concerns, improve overall wellbeing, enjoy newfound energy, and slash your carbon footprint in half.

In The OMD Plan, Suzy shares her field-tested plan, outlining the latest science and research on why a plant-based diet is better for one’s health and the environment. Featuring fifty delicious, nourishing recipes and complete with inspiring success stories, shopping lists, meal plans, and pantry tips, The OMD Plan “is a book that nourishes our minds as well providing ways to nourish our bodies” (Jane Goodall).

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– David