2019 List of Children’s Books

Here is my 2019 List of Children’s Books I’ve read out loud to my kids. My rating is weighted for both my kids’ experiences and mine. When we disagree on the rating, I’ll defer to whether or not my kids enjoyed and would recommend the books. 🙂

The Amazing Bone by William Steig20195/5We’ve read this story several times. We started this one 2019.
Amos & Borris by William Steig20195/5My son who’s 2.5 loves this story, and I really I like the section where Amos discussing life and death on his ship.
Shrek! by William Steig20195/5 – Yes, but does depend on your kid. I liked how strange it was.Puts the fairly tale on its head which I liked. This is a really quick read, and it’s an interesting spin on the fairy tale. I was surprised that this was a book… never released this.
Winnie the Pooh by A.A. Milner20195/5 – Everyone loved this one. On top of the stories being interesting for kids and adults, the style of writing is very smart, especially the multiple layers of narration which I really love.
The BFG by Roald Dahl20195/5 – My daughter (5yo) loved this story.Interesting word play and story for children.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, by Roald Dahl20195/5 – Amazing book for kids and adults.It’s hard not to compare this book to the original movie, and that’s ok because the movie is almost entirely derived from this book. A few changes, like Charlie and Grandpa don’t steal any fizzy drinks… but that’s ok. Great book.
Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, by Roald Dahl20191/5 – Totally disappointed…This book came long after the original Chocolate Factory, and the movie, and feels like it is forced and completed disconnected / disjointed. Honestly, felt like Dahl was very off in this followup story… it’s dumb and boring, and in a rare event for me and my kids, I put this book down and will not read more… about 50% complete.