Google Home is now Google Nest, and Amazon skills are now Amazon Apps

Two major updates in the #voicefirst wars between Google and Amazon… Google just emailed users stating Google Home is simplifying its branding to be ‘Google Nest’ and separately today, we noticed on some of our iPhones the ‘Amazon Skills’ built My Home Agent for Realtors are being referred to as ‘Amazon Apps’.

The switch from Google Home to Google Nest is still not perfect, creating more confusion around the concept around the Nest Thermostat that Google acquired and Smart Speaker technology. Apparently, ‘Home’ is limiting because the goal is to continue unleash Google Assistant in the home and beyond.

Personally, it would seem like ‘Google Voice’ or an ‘Amazon Alexa’ or ‘Apple Siri’ like name would be a better play, especially with Google Assistant is essentially the primary competitor to ‘Alexa’ and but already beating the relative newcomer ‘Siri’.

And on the same day, we noticed that Amazon on our iPhones in Santa Monica is referred to its confusing idea of “Amazon Skills” and “Amazon Flash Briefings’ as Amazon Apps, which 100% makes more sense. While the terms Skills and Flash Briefings are becoming more widely used, the distinction and confusion created with these terms was always unnecessary and created a lot of user friction.

If you check today on, Skills are still Skills, and not Apps, but we hope Apps is the branding in the future. The confusion on what Amazon Alexa is compared to Amazon Echo is also an issue. Amazon Voice, on the Echo, would also be great and it’d be nice if the branding for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa were more unified for marketing and positioning purposes.

By David Bramante
Published on May 7, 2019


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