Everything that happens around you is your responsibility. Everything.

By David Bramante | February 10, 2018

Since I’m the Team Leader at Keller Williams Downtown Los Angeles, I have been reading as much as possible about leadership and team building. Helping real estate agents is a tricky proposition, because they’re entrepreneurial spirit and legal independent contractor status can feel like you’re herding cats some times.

I’m diving into these topics as quickly as possible since I want to be the best leader I can be for the agents in the office. The structure of Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win is great… war story, business application, and summarized principle.

My biggest take aways from this book are:

  • Simplify everything to the lowest common denominator so everyone around you understands it.
  • Prioritize everything you do (don’t make to-do lists, instead make priority lists).
  • Lead through decentralized command… explaining the purpose (the big why) and do not micromanage.
  • Everything that happens around you is your responsibility.
  • Bonus: Wake up as early as possible to challenge yourself mentally!

Several of these big take aways that I listed above are echoed in many of Gary Keller‘s books, like The ONE Thing which is interesting considering how different the actual content of these books are.


David Bramante is the Team Leader & Managing Partner of Keller Williams Realty Downtown Los Angeles, and the manager of BRE Investment in Echo Park.

He has been a top producing California Realtor since 2005, helping clients sell, buy, invest and lease residential and commercial real estate in Los Angeles.

As a real estate consultant, he has hired, mentored and coached over 150 Realtors in Southern California, including many top producing Realtors in Los Angeles County.

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