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By David Bramante | February 16, 2018

I just finished the book “Crushing it!” and this book covers a lot of content which I feel is pretty basic for creating online content. It also challenged me on some boundaries in my mind.

My biggest take away is an idea which that has been haunting me for a long time… whether or not I like it, I’m a personal brand online… and so I might as well accept it and control it. We’re all personal brands, multifaceted, with many interests and specialties and it’s all getting logged digitally.

This may seem like a basic take away from a guy who has advertised himself as “Mr Echo Park” for several years, but when marketing myself as a Realtor it was less the real David and more a real estate version of David.

What if I allowed my marketing to have been more authentically David?

This book challenged my thoughts on why it is or isn’t prudent to separate the business (or businesses) and personal life (and interests). Maybe there doesn’t have to be lines drawn between our personal and professional lives, or at least those lines which we create can be blurred a little more than I am by default comfortable with?

Whether or not we are aware, the lines are blurred digitally and long after we’re gone, there will be an archived legacy of all of our behavior. All of our behavior. So perhaps we could be more aware of that and more authentic in our activities?

What am I going to do next because of this book? It inspired me to move more in the direction of creating candid video interviews and/or film honest discussions about things I am passionate about, all things I’m passionate about, and not limited to just real estate (though I am obsessed with real estate).


David Bramante is the Team Leader & Managing Partner of Keller Williams Realty Downtown Los Angeles, and the manager of BRE Investment in Echo Park.

He has been a top producing California Realtor since 2005, helping clients sell, buy, invest and lease residential and commercial real estate in Los Angeles.

As a real estate consultant, he has hired, mentored and coached over 150 Realtors in Southern California, including many top producing Realtors in Los Angeles County.

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