Transcript: Van Life in Santa Monica with Michael Robert Westell | VanLife | Van Movement | Santa Monica Beach – The David Bramante Podcast

Mike Westell: [00:00:00] This is my Mike Westell here in Santa Monica California on the West Coast. You’re listening to the David Bramante ‘podcast’ podcast ‘right on man, thanks’ shit…

David Bramante: [00:00:11] Hey everybody. This is David. Today is Friday July 28th and I’m going to interview Michael Robert Westell. He lives in a van that he modified with friends in Pittsburgh and he lives in Santa Monica in one of the parking lots in the van. And I actually met him in Venice. He and I were getting gas at the same island. I was on the other side and just initially I thought the van was super cool looking because it’s like a bright baby blue like a 1960s surf van. So I was talking to him about that and then found out he lived in it. So that was initially why I was talking to him, but I wanted to interview him because I’ve toyed with the idea and I think a lot of people have… A Lot of my friends off of living in like an RV or a motor home for a summer with my family and we actually just did something similar to this we borrowed a friend’s VW Westfalia and had a pop-up and we had an amazing weekend camping in Ojai with that, so that even made us a little bit more interested. So anyways hopefully you enjoy the interview if you have any follow up questions. Let me know I can always get a hold of him and I’m going to be talking to other people to do this. But check out my website I have photos of his van and him, and then links to his social media and some of the photos he’s sending. Hope you enjoy. Bye.

David Bramante: [00:01:37] Oh and describes new shit. I love how ingenious you are with everything.

Mike Westell: [00:01:50] Fuck it man. So what’s going on.

David Bramante: [00:01:51] Let’s talk about stuff ‘ok’. Cool. So I’m Just going to throw it on the car. It should be able to record us.

Mike Westell: [00:02:01] ‘Should be fine’. Yeah whatever you want.

David Bramante: [00:02:15] Yeah for sure. No I just wanted to find out like this is crazy that you like making this happen because I think a lot of people are like dreaming about it.

Mike Westell: [00:02:22] Yeah a lot of people are.

David Bramante: [00:02:24] But it’s scary.

Mike Westell: [00:02:26] It’s hard to commit to it.

David Bramante: [00:02:27] It’s hard to commit.

Mike Westell: [00:02:28] You Know. Yeah yeah yeah..

Mike Westell: [00:02:30] I Mean people always talk about it.

David Bramante: [00:02:35] Yeah.

Mike Westell: [00:02:35] But they never want to do it.

David Bramante: [00:02:37] So how long were you thinking about it before you did this van?

Mike Westell: [00:02:41] I’ve been I’ve been thinking about this man since I was a little kid. Not it’s not just the van but being here ‘really’ you know. ‘Yeah’ it was always a dream and now there it is.

David Bramante: [00:02:53] And so what inspired that initial dream just what was it like…

Mike Westell: [00:02:58] I mean I was thinking about it for…

David Bramante: [00:02:59] Just to be roaming around free or such.

Mike Westell: [00:03:02] I mean I was always thinking about it and don’t like stuff.

David Bramante: [00:03:08] Yeah.

Mike Westell: [00:03:09] And I always was always doing other stuff that I thought I was happy. But one day I mean I ended up just stopping myself. Oh right. Everybody was talking about it.

David Bramante: [00:03:24] So when was this?

Mike Westell: [00:03:28] Geeze… About three years ago you been.

David Bramante: [00:03:31] Have you been living in this van for three years?

Mike Westell: [00:03:33] It’s been a year since I’ve been living in the van.

David Bramante: [00:03:36] Wow.

Mike Westell: [00:03:36] Before that I came out here for a season. I actually stayed up the street with a friend to plan on staying. Everything didn’t work out as planned thought I knew everything I did.

David Bramante: [00:03:47] Yeah sure, that’s everybody.

Mike Westell: [00:03:49] And then I retreated back for a little while and started on the van. And…

David Bramante: [00:03:56] Was that this van or this…?

Mike Westell: [00:03:57] Yes this van… I started this down almost all probably almost a year and a half to two years ago. Got this van.

David Bramante: [00:04:03] And back east is where?

Mike Westell: [00:04:06] Pittsburgh.

David Bramante: [00:04:08] And that’s where you’re from.

Mike Westell: [00:04:08] But One day I was doing a lot of stuff sold my house sold by truck. I sold my boat and everything man.

David Bramante: [00:04:20] This was all in Pittsburgh? So you had a lot of shit going on.

Mike Westell: [00:04:23] I had a lot of business guys making money.

David Bramante: [00:04:25] Because A lot of people I think assume like like me I just buy default assume you’ve always been like a surfer dude and… was just living off the land, but at heart. But no you had like you had established things…

Mike Westell: [00:04:37] I had…

David Bramante: [00:04:38] You decided you didn’t want that anymore?

Mike Westell: [00:04:40] I just decided it’s time to do something different I wasn’t happy.

David Bramante: [00:04:43] And how old are you?

Mike Westell: [00:04:43] Thirty three.

David Bramante: [00:04:45] Ok.

Mike Westell: [00:04:46] I wanted to be out here since I was probably like 12 years old.

David Bramante: [00:04:49] Really.

Mike Westell: [00:04:49] I mean I researched it for since I was 15.

David Bramante: [00:04:52] Yeah.

Mike Westell: [00:04:53] And I was like ‘How do you know so much about out there?’ I mean research like if…

David Bramante: [00:04:58] You’re Searching like Venice, Santa Monica?

Mike Westell: [00:05:00] Yeah this area skateboard Scene, surfing scene. Then I got into wake surfing and I was a like I want to do something different.

David Bramante: [00:05:09] Yeah.

Mike Westell: [00:05:10] And I mean I was I was happy to accept it to an extent but I wanted to be somewhere else.

David Bramante: [00:05:15] Got it.

Mike Westell: [00:05:16] And it was a hard transition.

David Bramante: [00:05:17] So what did your family and friends say to you when you say that you’re doing this?

Mike Westell: [00:05:20] I come from a small town and everybody just does their own thing and doesn’t care too much about what everybody’s doing. But I’m sure they’re like that’s awesome. But a lot of them people say like ‘Dude that’s sweet’ you know, but I a lot of people say nothing. Yeah because I wish I could be doing it and I want to be don’t have to.

David Bramante: [00:05:38] So why do you think people want to do it so badly and then why do you think people who want to do it don’t do it at all?

Mike Westell: [00:05:45] I think people who want to do it don’t do it because A they’re scared to commit to scared out of their comfort zone and they’re scared scared of failing you know.

David Bramante: [00:05:58] To fail at living inside a van that’s…

David Bramante: [00:06:01] It’s pretty.

Mike Westell: [00:06:02] Do you people feel like people think like well once I got here then it’s hard to like get back into you the…?

Mike Westell: [00:06:09] I mean it’s always easy to go back where you’re from you’re not from here. But the hardest part is finding an income finding a way to stay afloat. I mean I struggle for a little bit but I stop with it.

David Bramante: [00:06:23] So that’s for you coming out here and moving here? Yeah it was hard. But then this is isn’t this also very hard or is this very easy living in here?

Mike Westell: [00:06:30] If you got a strong heart and strong mind it can be easy if you let it get to you at times whenever you don’t have every every dollar you. Yeah you I’ll break you in a second.

David Bramante: [00:06:41] Yeah. You know what it seems like you could also be saving a shitload of money doing this.

Mike Westell: [00:06:45] Could. Yeah I mean you have Nobel’s you had to paint shards. I have to pay a fair amount.

David Bramante: [00:06:53] Are you working full time? Seems like you’ve got a lot of hustles going on.

Mike Westell: [00:06:56] I was attacked two hours or 15 years. I own shop.

David Bramante: [00:07:00] That’s why you have all these sick tattoos.

Mike Westell: [00:07:02] I decided to take a break and do my thing you know. First it was hard because transition something I’ve been doing for so long and it’s something I didn’t know what I was going do.

David Bramante: [00:07:12] Wait so it was your own shop… Did you sell that shop?

Mike Westell: [00:07:15] I actually sold the location I didn’t own the building. I sold a lot of stuff and yeah the other half in storage had a lot of workers for me good people a lot of bad people have been through.

David Bramante: [00:07:27] Yeah sure.

Mike Westell: [00:07:28] And I kind of kept that but I decided to try something.

David Bramante: [00:07:31] And you were doing that for how long?

Mike Westell: [00:07:32] 15 years almost. About twelve hours straight. Not hands on. Just learning.

David Bramante: [00:07:39] Yeah.

Mike Westell: [00:07:39] You know.

David Bramante: [00:07:39] Yeah.

Mike Westell: [00:07:40] So it was a good thing. Good morning. Good job. It’s just time to do some.

David Bramante: [00:07:46] So you didn’t have anybody at the time like Mike this is crazy don’t do this?

Mike Westell: [00:07:50] Yeah. A lot of people said that.

David Bramante: [00:07:52] And then what would you say to that?

Mike Westell: [00:07:54] I’d say I’m not happy and I want to try something different and I’m going for.

David Bramante: [00:08:00] Yeah.

Mike Westell: [00:08:00] And they’d be like You sure think I think you should just chill be around and I’m like I’m down. I got. I have to I have to do it. I’ve been talking about. I just sold everything about going to stop.

David Bramante: [00:08:14] Yeah.

Mike Westell: [00:08:14] Not not go through that.

David Bramante: [00:08:16] Right.

Mike Westell: [00:08:17] Oh it’s too late now. Yeah. So.

David Bramante: [00:08:19] So now you’re in here for three years?

Mike Westell: [00:08:23] Back and forth. Yes. I’m going to state first season the first year. I was three years ago left for a couple months got a bunch of stuff done that I needed to get done I sure did before.

David Bramante: [00:08:34] But what do you do with the van or do your team move van with you on these trips?

Mike Westell: [00:08:37] I can either store and take a plane or a home storage unit or I can drive like next year I’ll drive back around the U.S. or north, northern route, see Colorado all that stuff. Yeah. And I’ll just go back out to the east coast. I want to read a couple things in the van and then I’ll drive back or around.

David Bramante: [00:08:56] Wow.

Mike Westell: [00:08:57] So whatever. This is wild. That’s awesome.

David Bramante: [00:08:59] Yeah it’s very very inspiring. It is a dream I was like for this summer. So I’m guilty of this is I think you’d be so cool to just throw my family in a Winnegabo to bed go and just live in it for like a whole summer would be the craziest most intense cool summer of our lives.

Mike Westell: [00:09:17] I feel like it’s awesome and I got memories and stories for rest of my life.

David Bramante: [00:09:21] Yeah.

Mike Westell: [00:09:21] It’s it’s like the fast thing because I’m doing some different.

David Bramante: [00:09:24] Yeah.

Mike Westell: [00:09:25] And I mean it was hard at times because you do worry about parking and it’s.

David Bramante: [00:09:31] So logistically it’s hard? Do you have any safety concerns or?

Mike Westell: [00:09:37] You mean like with my van or with?

David Bramante: [00:09:39] People fucking with your stuff or people fucking with you.

Mike Westell: [00:09:42] People pay people to try to get money. Well I’m always on top of it. Usually I try not to stay too far away for too long.

David Bramante: [00:09:50] Because people like checking it out, especially on the beach. See what you’re up to.

Mike Westell: [00:09:53] And my van is kind of flashy.

David Bramante: [00:09:55] For sure, super flashy.

Mike Westell: [00:09:56] And I could hear my doors open all right. People can check it out. It’s kind of a bad thing because people see what’s in it but I mean I try to keep on top of it and keep it safe.

David Bramante: [00:10:06] So have you had you’ve had people try to break into it?

Mike Westell: [00:10:09] I was standing there one day and some kid just three guys were sitting on their side and I figured I’d lock the van to go go right and hide. And I thought I was some kid who didn’t kknow what he was doing. And I sat down and watched him try open my doors. I walked around scared away.

David Bramante: [00:10:24] Oh nice.

Mike Westell: [00:10:26] I mean I’ll be.

David Bramante: [00:10:27] What do you, or say to get him to run off?

Mike Westell: [00:10:29] And I just gave you I didn’t say much.

David Bramante: [00:10:31] Yeah yeah for sure.

Mike Westell: [00:10:32] I mean I don’t want to be in any situation is where I’m going to get myself in trouble.

David Bramante: [00:10:40] Right.

Mike Westell: [00:10:40] So I try to keep it down and keep it low.

David Bramante: [00:10:43] Are you… So nobody, or maybe they do. Do they give you a hard time that you’re sleeping in this van if you’re parking in here?

Mike Westell: [00:10:48] I try to keep it. I mean I have a pass for this lot but I try to keep it so…

David Bramante: [00:10:53] Like a monthly?

Mike Westell: [00:10:54] I have a yearly pass for her.

David Bramante: [00:10:56] Oh you can do that ok. How much does that cost?

Mike Westell: [00:11:00] I think I spend $200 on it… but It’s hard to get. And I came across it like that because I was moving around and I wanted it I wanted to slow down and move around for a little bit and take a break. Yeah. And once I’m in my Vandeman I’ll get out of there about garbage everywhere I stay in until I wake up. I don’t leave anything laying around. I clean my area up if I have to.

David Bramante: [00:11:23] So you’re super respectful about it.

Mike Westell: [00:11:23] Exactly. You only respect for respect even if I’m partner somebodies house. I get it and I stay in. I don’t make a bunch of noise people like Dont ever give you a hard time and they give a lot of people hard times.

David Bramante: [00:11:35] What do you do in that scenario?

Mike Westell: [00:11:37] Just get up and leave and move.

David Bramante: [00:11:38] Oh you’re not confrontational about it?

Mike Westell: [00:11:40] You don’t try to use me right. I mean well yeah but sometimes I just let’s not work. I mean I used to be confrontational. But this whole journey has calmed me down.

David Bramante: [00:11:51] Really?

Mike Westell: [00:11:51] You know.

David Bramante: [00:11:52] Yeah.

Mike Westell: [00:11:52] I’ve learned a lot.

David Bramante: [00:11:53] Yeah.

Mike Westell: [00:11:53] I’ve learned to relax not be so miserable, hateful or confrontational. People you know I’ll talk to people like in a friendly manner not like.

David Bramante: [00:12:08] So you’re saying you talk to people and… in the beginning. But yeah you were.

Mike Westell: [00:12:13] Yeah. I mean there’s been times where I’ve talked to people has been times I haven’t liked you. I keep a handful of friends man and try to get the good ones.

David Bramante: [00:12:22] Do your friends also do this or?

Mike Westell: [00:12:24] I know a couple people to do it. I have a couple of friends that are from the same area I am from. They do it Trump Pittsburgh. There’s one or two.

David Bramante: [00:12:33] Oh really good. Oh cool.

Mike Westell: [00:12:34] There are very few that’ll do it. I mean like one girl does it. And there’s another person. I don’t think they’re doing the right thing but they’re around, bouncing around. I’ve met a lot of people to do it and a lot of people who want to do it.

David Bramante: [00:12:54] Is there like a pattern among the people that do do it. Is there like a similar?

Mike Westell: [00:12:59] Yeah.

David Bramante: [00:13:00] What is?

Mike Westell: [00:13:01] What doesn’t get down to what you have to like.

David Bramante: [00:13:04] So they’re very adaptable people, do you think? More resourceful?

Mike Westell: [00:13:06] It’s an extreme situation where you’re going to fail, all day long we chill down here or we’ll go find something to do north or south or whatever.

David Bramante: [00:13:15] Yeah.

Mike Westell: [00:13:16] All day long we’ll show it on her hang out relax. At night we’ll go to our spox do we got to do.

David Bramante: [00:13:23] Yeah.

Mike Westell: [00:13:23] Get up do the same thing over and over and over. Well we’ll pick up hobbies like I do a school thing we’ll go sir. Well you know.

David Bramante: [00:13:32] And what are you doing for work?

Mike Westell: [00:13:33] Right now. Whenever I first started I was tattooed on the side here and that died out during the slow months. I struggled for a little bit then I worked on bicycle’s from a body in a Wal-Mart.

David Bramante: [00:13:45] Yeah.

Mike Westell: [00:13:46] Then I struggled again for a little bit and then I picked up on the scooter thing. Repairing the scooters.

David Bramante: [00:13:52] The Bird scooters.

Mike Westell: [00:13:53] Yeah and I’ll still tattoo on the side here and there. Yeah. I met a couple people and I’ll do calls with them. I don’t do it full time just here and there.

David Bramante: [00:14:04] Would you want to do more or?

Mike Westell: [00:14:06] Eventually yeah I kind of miss it but a lot comes with that. The Hours is horrible like say four in a shop.

David Bramante: [00:14:13] Yeah.

Mike Westell: [00:14:14] You start after noon and you stay all night then you just it’s like a year ago mature you got a bar where she said lifestyle that I was wanting a break from.

David Bramante: [00:14:24] Right.

Mike Westell: [00:14:25] I love it. Don’t get me wrong but it was time for something.

David Bramante: [00:14:28] Yeah. Yeah.

Mike Westell: [00:14:29] I would change anything for the world.

David Bramante: [00:14:30] Yeah sure. So now you’ve been in here for a while.

Mike Westell: [00:14:34] Been about a year.

David Bramante: [00:14:35] Yeah. And then what do you think is like your next step?

Mike Westell: [00:14:38] My next stop is probably to keep doing this because I know if I decide to say go back East I’ll just want to be back and I’ll just end up leaving it.

David Bramante: [00:14:49] Right.

Mike Westell: [00:14:49] I’ll go visit.

David Bramante: [00:14:50] Do you think you’ll like it… Do You want to start another business or do you want to buy a home or?

Mike Westell: [00:14:55] Not anytime soon.

David Bramante: [00:14:56] Really.

Mike Westell: [00:14:57] Maybe you know maybe in the future sometime. But for right now this is this is what I want to do because I also do photography too.

David Bramante: [00:15:05] Very cool.

Mike Westell: [00:15:06] And…

David Bramante: [00:15:06] This van has got a lot of style dude. So you have a very good eye. Yeah this van really pops. That’s why I was like when we were getting gas I was like What the fuck what’s going on in this van over here.

Mike Westell: [00:15:17] And then you open a door.

David Bramante: [00:15:18] Yeah yeah. This is a trip.

Mike Westell: [00:15:19] You’d think everything would be everywhere an airplane. Sure. Wake up more clean it.

David Bramante: [00:15:24] Well so okay so what time do you normally wake up. What is your routine look like?

Mike Westell: [00:15:28] Anywhere from 5:00 to 8:00 am.

David Bramante: [00:15:30] And what’s waking you up?

Mike Westell: [00:15:31] What Wakes me up is being at the ocean having so much so many possible journeys to make.

David Bramante: [00:15:42] Yeah.

Mike Westell: [00:15:42] I mean, I can go anywhere I could do anything. I’m on west coast you know.

David Bramante: [00:15:46] Yeah.

Mike Westell: [00:15:47] I mean stay coastal and do whatever you want.

David Bramante: [00:15:50] And then so then there’s like the like the practical shit of like you have to use the bathroom.

Mike Westell: [00:15:55] That’s why… yep.

David Bramante: [00:15:56] Where you know you go to you breakfast. How do you how do you do all that stuff?

Mike Westell: [00:16:01] Whenever being right here bathrooms and showers right there.

David Bramante: [00:16:04] So you use the public bathrooms on the beach?

Mike Westell: [00:16:06] I use those a lot yes.

David Bramante: [00:16:07] OK cool.

[00:16:08] You’re like Superclean like doing a little dirty because your hands are dirty. Yeah. Who knew. Right. Yeah yeah.

David Bramante: [00:16:13] But you got pretty polished up, so how are you able to do that? So I mean were you able to do that? Because your van does not have a bathroom. No sink, no water?

Mike Westell: [00:16:23] No water, no solar no nothing. Yeah pretty much basic.

David Bramante: [00:16:26] This is as basic as you could get it.

Mike Westell: [00:16:27] This is basic as you can get it.

David Bramante: [00:16:28] Yeah. Yeah. You just have more room.

Mike Westell: [00:16:31] Yeah yeah.

David Bramante: [00:16:31] OK. So you wake up, you hit the bathroom you’re hungry.

Mike Westell: [00:16:36] I’ll go. Pretty much I go to WholeFoods every morning to get my food. I feel like I’m hungry I’ll go back up. I keep a cold or I don’t have a fridge. You have a cooler. Yeah I have it in the front.

David Bramante: [00:16:48] Oh cool.

Mike Westell: [00:16:49] I actually have a drink threat to out. Itself so I had to drain it. Oh yeah showers. Like I said I’ll just go shower if I have to usually do that early in the morning or at night.

David Bramante: [00:16:58] Does that bother you? Is that hard?

Mike Westell: [00:17:01] It’s it’s an adaption you know. I mean you have to adapt to it. But it’s all in your mind like you’ve got to take a shower. Man you gotta take a shot you’re gonna get a shower.

David Bramante: [00:17:10] How often are you then showering?

Mike Westell: [00:17:11] I Usually try to everyday but if I’m working hard every day sometimes every two to three days you know.

David Bramante: [00:17:18] Yeah I mean do people fuck with you at the bathrooms?

Mike Westell: [00:17:21] There’s a lot of people over there to do it. I mean you also get a gym membership or meet friends I’ve met a lot of friends.

David Bramante: [00:17:26] That’s what I would say because now I’m starting thinking about how you’re doing and just I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. I’m like honestly you could do it like a super bitchy like membership.

Mike Westell: [00:17:38] Yeah. I mean but they weren’t like my buddy said he did it like 3 hurdlers up front. I didn’t have it at the time I got to do it now. But yeah I mean I do want to start working out but I also have a back injury that I got to watch.

David Bramante: [00:17:50] Oh Sure yeah.

Mike Westell: [00:17:51] So like the year I’ve met a lot of friends that I’ve used their shower. I don’t try to intrude too much if they say it’s okay I’ll do it if not I’ll suck it up and get to the beach.

David Bramante: [00:18:01] Yeah. You ask or do they offer?

Mike Westell: [00:18:03] I won’t ever ask God only true if they offer I’ll be like you sure I’ll tell you everything’s pretty, it’s pretty simple. I mean it’s not like it’s giving up a lot. I mean you have to, you have to give up like you’re not going to get up go to bathroom. There’s my bathroom. I gotta get up and cook. There’s my stove. I got to get there’s my fridge just an there.

David Bramante: [00:18:23] So you’re hardly, I mean you’re never cooking again?

Mike Westell: [00:18:25] No.

David Bramante: [00:18:26] OK so just eating whole foods anyway. Yeah but you can eat very healthy. Really. Oh yeah I see.

Mike Westell: [00:18:32] Really bad. I mean I’ve dropped like 20 pounds in the last month. I was just fat from eating candy and sugar and garbage. I mean and then are you eating three times a day. Yeah I eat small all day long.

David Bramante: [00:18:46] Got it.

Mike Westell: [00:18:48] You try to keep up the exercise on a beach in style.

David Bramante: [00:18:51] Right. Well I saw you on your bike yesterday. Yeah I was running a small world. It’s crazy.

Mike Westell: [00:18:57] But I mean I’d eat healthy I’ll take care of myself.

David Bramante: [00:19:02] And then when you do like then just like stupid shit like a lot of people put their selves to sleep I like watching Netflix or Hulu.

Mike Westell: [00:19:08] I have Monster on my phone and I put my phone up. I watch Netflix every night fall asleep to it.

David Bramante: [00:19:14] Are you just burning through your like like your data plan or do you have hotspot?

Mike Westell: [00:19:18] I have unlimited.

David Bramante: [00:19:20] Yeah ok.

Mike Westell: [00:19:20] At the end of my month you could say pops up and it tells you you’ve used 17 gigabytes and it gets slower.

David Bramante: [00:19:28] Do you ever think about getting a hot spot though so you can have a hotspot.

Mike Westell: [00:19:31] Yeah I know you use it because that’s not unlimited.

David Bramante: [00:19:35] Yeah it’s expensive if you go over it and they really ding you.

Mike Westell: [00:19:38] Yeah you sort of try to use that much yeah I’m fine with like.

David Bramante: [00:19:41] Do you go to places with public internet if you need it.

Mike Westell: [00:19:44] It’s crazy because I have spirit and service doesn’t work for nothing but such always works.

David Bramante: [00:19:49] Wow.

Mike Westell: [00:19:50] And I want I want to get a different plan different service but I can’t give up at Netflix because I’ll go.

David Bramante: [00:19:56] What’s your favorite thing on Netflix?

Mike Westell: [00:19:58] I like I like action movies and start with you if you’re like geez I’ve watched so many.

David Bramante: [00:20:04] What’s the one you’ve watched the most?

Mike Westell: [00:20:07] I watch a lot of series. I mean I’m watching hemlock grove now.

David Bramante: [00:20:11] Okay cool.

Mike Westell: [00:20:11] That was actually filmed in Pittsburgh.

David Bramante: [00:20:14] Nice.

Mike Westell: [00:20:14] But I don’t really have any favorite favorites. I skim through what I picked up and if I see something like I’ll just grab it.

David Bramante: [00:20:21] Are you reading here, do you have other hobbies?

Mike Westell: [00:20:24] I don’t really read too much.

David Bramante: [00:20:25] You’re kind of on the move a lot.

Mike Westell: [00:20:28] I mean I was always a high school kid and always liked to move around the east coast east coast. I was really harsh on West Coast. I’m more relaxed.

David Bramante: [00:20:37] Sure.

Mike Westell: [00:20:39] Laid back person you know.

David Bramante: [00:20:41] Yeah for real.

Mike Westell: [00:20:42] I mean I move around a lot it. I tried to try to keep busy and at night I just relax.

David Bramante: [00:20:46] Yeah.

Mike Westell: [00:20:46] I’m ready for bed I go to bed.

David Bramante: [00:20:47] Yeah and what time do you normally try to go to bed?

Mike Westell: [00:20:49] Try to get to bed by 8:00 or 9:00 o’clock sometimes early or sometimes later.

David Bramante: [00:20:54] Man. So compared to a lot of other people you are doing the proper basics.

Mike Westell: [00:20:59] Exactly.

David Bramante: [00:20:59] You’re like actually sleeping. Probably the proper amount with less stress. And you’re eating healthier food and you’re right by the beach. Exactly. This is unbelievable.

Mike Westell: [00:21:09] Living a life you know for sure. Fulfill my dreams as much as I can.

David Bramante: [00:21:13] Yeah that’s so cool. So tell me like you actually built out this van. You were saying.

Mike Westell: [00:21:18] I bought this van for 500 dollars.

David Bramante: [00:21:21] So what kind of van is this?

Mike Westell: [00:21:22] This is a 1994 Chevy G 20. Bought it for 500 bucks East Coast needed transmission. The whole side was smashed. We ended up going through which was the transmission that was starting not at all.

David Bramante: [00:21:38] OK. Was that the most expensive thing you do?

Mike Westell: [00:21:40] Probably With the inside outside combined everything was pretty much the same.

David Bramante: [00:21:46] Yeah ok.

Mike Westell: [00:21:47] I think I have about about $5000 new with inside myself. Nobody did it. I did it myself. Once we got the inside took it to my buddy’s. Me him and another friend sanded the whole outside fixed all that. It’s fixed a whole rack side.

David Bramante: [00:22:06] Who painted it?

Mike Westell: [00:22:07] I mean my buddy from Pittsburgh has named John Perry Yeah he is 62 years old. OK one of our best friend. Yeah. Another guy Ritchie Winters. He’s about 75.

David Bramante: [00:22:21] Wow. This is an old crew.

Mike Westell: [00:22:22] Yeah that’s never good guys. I mean they taught me that helped me. Came up best friends about it and they loved it. Yeah. And that’s so cool. There are good painters and great body guys so they helped me with that stuff.

… Continued…

By David Bramante
Published July 28, 2018

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