Thank you for listening to and/or watching this interview. This was one of my first interviews into the subject of consciousness and since that time I have received several emails and comments here that have pointed me in other great directions. I read the comments here because the conversation, though not very large, is jam packed with incredible feedback and information. Thank you for taking the time to participate and help me. This video: Johnjoe McFadden | Electromagnetic Theory of Consciousness and Artificial Intelligence Host David Bramante speaks with Johnjoe McFadden (Professor of Molecular Genetics at the University of Surrey, United Kingdom), about electromagnetic theories of consciousness and artificial intelligence. They also discuss of the big bang, punctuated equilibrium, proto-cells in primordial soup, self-replication, anthropic universe, quantum mechanics versus classical, atom versus molecule, the binding problem, artificial intelligence research, neural networks and much more. For more episodes, visit: Listen to this episode Apple Podcast:… Listen to this episode on Spotify:… McFadden’s books referenced: Quantum Evolution, Life in the Multiverse:… Life on the Edge, The Coming of Age of Quantum Biology:… For more information about John McFadden, visit: #consciousness #artificialintelligence #johnjoemcfadden #davidbramanteshow