AURS – The Anonymous Unvaccinated Reporting System

August 9, 2021

On August 2, 2021, I created a website called the Anonymous Unvaccinated Reporting System or AURS as a satirical critique about what I’m seeing, especially with New York City and now Los Angeles City creating Vaccine Passport requirements for its citizens. My goal with the site is to point out how dangerously close we are as society to having a company like AURS exist; a world where friends, family and neighbors are reporting each other to a third-party website and local authorities. 

Since the launch of the AURS website, 360,000+ unique visitors went to the site and 3,000+ people submitted “reports”. Many times during the week the website’s servers crashed because of traffic. With all of that traffic, I’m very relieved to say that the reports were 99%+ comprised of people complaining about AURS and its business model, not about reporting their friends, family or neighbors. They are shocked that AURS existed, and that was the main point of the site because I do not think it’s a huge leap of the imagination to think that we’re headed to AURS. 

I believe that the COVID-related Emergency Orders and government mandates regarding closures, restrictions and vaccinations, and now the vaccine passport are completely unconstitutionally and unAmerican. I’m trying to gut check people to realize we need to be worried and speak out against what’s happening around us with our politician. Yes, I’m running for California Governor, but the goal isn’t for me to raise money. I’m actually the only candidate NOT accepting political donations for my campaign. My goal is to raise awareness about the attacks on our freedom. I’m very sorry for the scare, but I’m so appreciative to those who have contacted me and understand my goal, and are now helping our mission.