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California Governor Recall Candidate 2021
Agoura Hills City Council Candidate 2022
Consciousness and Artificial Intelligence - The David Bramante Show

Podcast — David Bramante Show on Consciousness, Biohacking and Artificial Intelligence

Are you interested about the human mind and technology, and where they cross paths? Check out my podcast where I interview experts on consciousness, artificial intelligence and robotics to learn more about they research and where all the theories are headed. I also discuss my experiences as a marketing consultant for several California tech companies including My Home Agent, LoopChat, and HotPoint. 

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Politics — Agoura Hills City Council 2022, California Recall 2021

Between 2021 and 2022, I ran for California Governor in the 2021 California Recall and for Agoura Hills City Council in 2022. In each of those races, which were wildly different, I learned more about our communities, my friends and family, myself and about marketing. These have been amazing experiences and I hope to serve in a political position for my neighbors at a later date. I believe we all need to be more involved to keep our politicians transparent, accountable and honest. 

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Realtor David Levine Bramante - 26118 Kenrose Circle - Sold with David

Real Estate — Sales & Development in Los Angeles

Since 2001, I have been investing in Los Angeles real estate. I purchased my first property, a 4-unit in Echo Park in 2001, and became a real estate agent in 2005.

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Are you looking to buy, sell or lease real estate? I have sold residential, luxury residential and commercial properties since 2005. I’ve even managed to Keller Williams brokerages. Visit our real estate brokerage Levine Realtors: Click here