David Levine Bramante

Los Angeles Realtor since 2005, Podcast Host on Consciousness and Artificial Intelligence, and Former California Recall Candidate


Los Angeles Realtor since 2005

Realtor David Levine Bramante - 26118 Kenrose Circle - Sold with David

Realtor David Bramante has been a top producing Los Angeles real estate broker since 2005. After buying his first property when he was 19 in Echo Park, David started a long career as a real estate broker and investor. He is currently the Commercial Director and top producing agent at his family’s real estate brokerage, Levine Realtors. 

Podcast Host on Consciousness and Artificial Intelligence

Consciousness, Near-Death Experiences (plus Outer Body Experiences) with Pim van Lommel

Pim and I discuss his book, Consciousness Beyond Life – The Science of the Near-Death Experience. More than most books, I was surprised to have some similar experiences that the book described, which I had never really thought about. The quality of writing and the flow of information are really enjoyable, and the content is very interesting.

Pim shares that the book, Return from Tomorrow, is what set him on track to learn more about Near-Death Experiences (NDE). He discusses Daniel Dennett and David Chalmers briefly in the book, and the theory that consciousness has ‘non-locality’ and ‘endless consciousness.’

We talk about whether or not there are groups that are trying to re-create NDE, or at least induce it. He mentioned the movie ‘Flatliners’ when I asked that. In the book, he talks about Ketamine (Special K), Ayahuasca and DMT. That the brain enables consciousness, but is not consciousness itself.

Pim doesn’t believe that we will ever have ‘artificial intelligence’ or ‘artificial general intelligence’ either.


California Politics

While running in the California Recall Election of 2021 as Governor, David Bramante connected with the Car Community and heard its voice and concerns. He’s now pushing for their right to build. 

Right now, my team and I are working to make changes to California laws through propositions in the mid-term elections of 2024. 

Our primary mission, through a California proposition, is to modify the California laws surrounding Smog exemptions. Yes, for any motor vehicle manufactured prior to the 1974 model-year, BUT ALSO after that date, any motor vehicle that is 30 or more model-years old. 

View more at davidbramante.com/cars

About Me

David Bramante - Van Nuys 1990-ish

I was born and raised in a poor neighborhood of Van Nuys, California by my single mother Eileen. We didn’t know it at the time, but we grew up extremely poor (living off of food stamps and taking hour long bus rides to schools in better neighborhoods), like the Pacific Palisades.

Often the outsider, my younger brother, Miles, and I found community through playing baseball in Van Nuys, pursuing Kenpo Karate with legendary Sensei Cecil Peoples, and being part of the early generation of video gamers, playing Quake and Age of Empires. 

Miles and I both went on to earn revere Cecil as a father figure since ours was absent most of the time. 

We also had the honor of representing the United States at the ages of 11 and 13 in South Korea at the world’s first Electronic Olympics, competing originally at Universal Studios Hollywood in Age of Empires. 

I went on to attend Otis College of Fine Arts, Santa Monica College and then UCLA. I studied oil painting for two years before dropping out of Otis and that’s when I bought my first apartment building in Echo Park (a small 4-unit on Bellevue).  

Beyond my career as a top real estate broker, I have also co-founded and invested in tech startups and continue to find myself as a marketing consultant for companies. 

I’ve started 7 tech companies, and managed several real estate brokerages (Keller Williams Downtown Los Angeles and Keller Williams Marina Del Rey). 

I now am the Commercial Director at our family-owned real estate brokerage. After my day job, I host a podcast on consciousness and artificial intelligence. 

And as a former candidate in the California Recall Election of 2021, I have continued to work to change the California laws especially with regards to the Car Culture. 

And around all of that, I am the father to three (soon to be four) young children… 

Thanks for reading! 
— David