David Levine Bramante, an accomplished entrepreneur with a rich background, offers a unique blend of community involvement, artistic appreciation, and extensive industry expertise. Born in 1982 and raised in a modest neighborhood in Van Nuys, California, David was brought up by his single mother alongside his younger brother. His early life was shaped by a strong community spirit fueled by baseball, Kenpo Karate, and video gaming. These experiences ignited a lifelong passion for sports and interactive media.

Representing the United States at the inaugural Electronic Olympics in South Korea in 2000 alongside his brother was just the beginning of David’s diverse career path. He pursued fine arts education at esteemed institutions like Otis College of Fine Arts and UCLA.

While nurturing his creative talents, David embarked on his real estate journey, accumulating over 17 years of robust experience in selling, leasing, managing, and investing in a variety of property types across Los Angeles.

David’s real estate journey began in the 1990s when he assisted his mother with her boutique property management company. This experience led to his first investment in Echo Park, and his career trajectory propelled him through major brokerages including Keller Williams, Sotheby’s, Marcus & Millichap, and Douglas Elliman. His achievements include numerous record-breaking transactions and pioneering positions where he influenced hundreds of agents.

In 2021, David ran in the California Recall election, advocating against the vaccine and business closure mandates, and received about 12,000 votes. He continued his political aspirations by running in the 2022 Agoura Hills City Council election, coming in 4th with over 2,000 votes.

David’s tech entrepreneurial spirit is evident in his work on numerous startups, including Winnow (a commercial real estate brokerage CRM) in 2010 and My Home Agent (an Amazon Alexa marketing platform for Realtors) in 2018. He has also consulted on several tech projects in LA and the Bay Area.

An ardent lover of rap music, hip-hop, and spoken word poetry, David has explored his artistic passions through creating rap music. His demo raps can be found on Spotify.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, he launched an Artificial Intelligence podcast, The David Bramante Show, showcasing his multifaceted interests by engaging with esteemed guests like Johnjoe McFadden and many others to discuss the intersection of AI and consciousness.

David has faced significant life events, such as living through the LA Riots in 1992, experiencing the Northridge Earthquake in 1994, and being present at the Terminal 3 shooting at LAX in 2013. He has also completed seven citizens’ arrests, demonstrating his commitment to community safety.

Outside of his professional pursuits, David is profoundly dedicated to his family as a father of five children. He actively coaches their sports teams and participates in school activities. His passion for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a continuation of his martial arts journey, underscores his commitment to discipline and excellence. He typically competes in a tournament every 1-2 months, with videos available on YouTube.

David Bramante - Van Nuys 1990-ish
David Bramante - California Governor Candidate

David Levine Bramante
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