2022 Rubik’s Cube Challenge

Agoura Hills Genius Award 2022 - The Rubik's Cube - 11:6:2022
Agoura Hills Genius Awards - Rubik's Cube Challenge 2022
Grand Prize Winner—Spencer Goodman, 11, shows his winning form in the inaugural Agoura Hills Genius Award Rubik’s Cube challenge hold Nov 6, 2022



What an amazing first annual Agoura Hills Genius Award challenge this afternoon at Mae Boyar Park. This year’s challenge was the Rubik’s Cube and we had three division winners, and one grand prize winner — Spencer! Everyone was super competitive and a great sport too.

Our winners were:

Division 1 — Jordan Klein
Division 2 — Spencer Goodman
Division 3 — Ethan Pei
Grand Prize Winner — Spencer Goodman

Our company Levine Realtors hosted and presented this fun and intense event, and there were over 30 teenagers and kids who participated in the challenge.

The fastest solve time was 30 seconds! The grand prize was $1,000, plus we had other event sponsors who’ve donated cool prizes that we gave and raffled off (tagged in the photo).

Event sponsors:

Official event sponsors were: Levine Realtors in Agoura Hills, David Levine Bramante for Agoura Hills City Council, Two Doughs Pizza Company in Agoura Hills, Tifa Chocolate and Gelato in Agoura Hills, Regency Theaters in Agoura Hills, Bowlero in Woodland Hills, Kids World in Oak Park, 101 Escape Rooms in Westlake Village, The Game Ogre in Westlake Village, and Arsenal Comics & Games in Newbury Park.

Thank you everyone that participated! We had a blast and hope to see you next year for the next Agoura Hills Genius Award challenge.

How it started:

I grew up poor, and when my mom couldn’t watch us, we were either studying kenpo karate with sensei Cecil Peoples or playing video games. My brother and I competed in one of the first-ever e-sports games, representing the United States playing ‘The Age of Empires,’ which is a real-time strategy computer game. We got to travel to South Korea to play against kids from other countries, and I won $1,000 for second place and my brother won $3,000 for first place. It was an amazing experience and prize. I have always wanted to launch and host a similar type of event for kids in our area. 

– David Levine Bramante
Levine Realtors


Parents of Agoura Hills! 

Can your kid solve a Rubik’s cube? Do you think your kid can solve a Rubik’s cube faster than all the other kids in Agoura Hills (within one hour)?

My wife Kayla and I have always donated portions of our Levine Realtors commission to different kid causes, especially 826LA, but we’ve also always wanted to start a challenge for kids in our area. 

So this year we’ve kicked it off… We are excited to announce and host the Agoura Hills Genius Award on November 6th. The Genius Award challenge is free to register and open to all Agoura Hills residents 18 years old and younger.

FREE Registration Form is below. Rules and Restrictions below.** 

  • Winner. First person to solve the Rubik’s the fastest, within the hour, wins.
  • Cubes. Rubik’s cubes will be randomly given to contestants.
  • Time Limit. All contestants have FIVE MINUTES to solve a Rubik’s cube.
  • Date: Sunday, November 6, 2022 (details sent to contestants).
  • Location: Agoura Hills, CA 91301 (details sent to contestants). 


  • Age. Contestants must be 18 years or younger (by November 6, 2022).
  • Supervision. Parent must accompany any contestant under the age of 18.
  • Deadline. Registration deadline extended to Friday November 4, 2022.
  • Residency. In order to qualify for the prize, a contestant must be a resident of Agoura Hills, CA 91301. 
  • Rounds
  • Division 1 — High School — Ages 14-18 = $500. 
  • Division 2 — Middle School — Ages 11-13 = $500. 
  • Division 3 — Elementary School — Ages 10 and below = $500.
  • Final Round — Additional $500 prize in a final round between the 3 winners from all divisions. 
  • Award Payout. The winners will receive their prize checks in person, same day of the contest.
  • Announcement. The winners will be featured as the 2022 Agoura Hills Genius Award winners in local media outlets.


**Rules and Restrictions may change. Last updated 11/02/2022.


Hosted & Presented by

Levine Realtors

David Levine Bramante

Event Sponsors

Bowerlo Woodland Hills

Two Doughs Pizza

Game Ogre

Kids World

DIY Home Center

Regency Agoura Hills 8

Arsenal Comics

101 Escape Rooms