Car Community

Car Culture is California Culture

When running in the 2021 California Recall for Governor, I met some of the hardest working and most down-to-Earth Californians through the car community. The car community spoke, and I listened. Right now, my team and I are working to make changes to California laws through propositions in the mid-term elections of 2024. 

Our primary mission, through a California proposition, is to modify the California laws surrounding Smog exemptions. Yes, for any motor vehicle manufactured prior to the 1974 model-year, BUT ALSO after that date, any motor vehicle that is 30 or more model-years old. 

We’re fighting an uphill battle, but Car Culture is California Culture, and so we can make this change if we want. But I do need your support. Follow me on social media (TikTok, Instagram, Facebook) and share what we’re doing.