Uncover the Deep Meaning Crisis in Western Society with John Vervaeke

Western society is facing a crisis of meaning that threatens to undermine our sense of purpose and direction. In this interview, Professor John Vervaeke discusses his 50-part series, “Awakening from the Meaning Crisis,” and his book, “Zombies in Western Culture,” which delve into the reasons behind this crisis and explore potential solutions. According to Vervaeke, the rapid breakdown of the Axial Age and Christianity in the West is contributing to a crisis in our worldview and world attunement. He argues that there is a breakdown in the agent-arena relationship in the West, leading to a sense of disconnection and loss of meaning. Vervaeke believes that groups are forming rapidly in an attempt to respond to this crisis, racing against the clock to find ways to restore meaning and purpose to Western society. But he notes that the search for a new kind of meaning – one that is not tied to any specific religion – is proving difficult. Many individuals, particularly those who no longer associate with Christianity or other traditional belief systems, are seeking a new religion which is, in fact, no religion at all. This search for meaning is complex and multifaceted, and Vervaeke believes that it will require an “ecology of practices” – a variety of approaches and methods – to solve the crisis personally and collectively. Join Vervaeke on a quest for meaning in a society that is on the brink. In his “Awakening from the Meaning Crisis” series and book, he offers insight and guidance on how we can navigate this crisis and work towards a more fulfilling and purposeful future. Thank you for watching! For more info, visit https://www.DavidBramante.com #JohnVervaeke #Meaning #DavidBramanteShow