USA vs China: Tom Stefanick breaks down the race for Artificial Intelligence supremacy

Artificial intelligence is rapidly shaping the future of military strategy and warfare, and two countries are at the forefront of this technological revolution: the United States and China. As these nations race to advance their AI capabilities, Tom Stefanik is an expert on the frontlines. A visiting fellow in the Foreign Policy program at the Brookings Institution, Tom has spent over two decades in scientific consulting, specializing in military and intelligence.

During his career from 1988 to 2018, Tom worked as a technical analyst and eventually as a senior vice president at Metron, Inc., where he supported research and development and operations analysis for the Pentagon, Navy System Commands, and Warfare Centers. He initiated and managed numerous technical projects, including those focused on machine learning, image recognition, autonomous planning, statistical modeling, sensor modeling, and simulation of military operations and US border security operations. Tom also founded business units that conducted research and development in the field of autonomy and lidar technology for military applications.

One particularly notable project that Tom led was the use of advanced statistical methods to assess foreign nation attitudes towards cooperative security exercises conducted by the US. Using data from targeted surveys and social media, Tom was able to provide valuable insights into the perceptions of these exercises by other countries.

Join host David Bramante as he sits down with Tom Stefanik to discuss these exciting topics and more on the Artificial Intelligence Race between the US and China. Tune in to learn about the latest developments in AI, military strategy, and the intersection of technology and international relations.


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